Lilies and Sparrows

Jewelry for a Cause

Lilies and Sparrows was started as an eighth grade project and grew into a small business with a heart to help those in need.

It is our desire to support different causes through our jewelry sales.


As the war in Ukraine started, refugees flooded into neighboring countries. Our hearts were broken by the scenes and stories of children fleeing, many alone, and all scared. Like so many, we wanted to do something to help, but what can one eighth grader do against a war so far away? Lilies and Sparrows decided to raise money by selling simple jewelry, sending the proceeds to ministries we know and trust in Poland.

Why Lilies and Sparrows?

Jesus tells us time and again in the Gospels how deeply we are loved and cared for and He demonstrated as He lived and ministered to thousands. Lilies and wildflowers have a very short life, yet they bring such beauty and joy. They also represent devotion or passion. Sparrows are often dull in color, small and not considered very attractive. They bring a joyful sounds to nature and represent community and hard work. Jesus reminds us that the lily, with its short life, brings a gift of beauty, and sparrows, though dull and seemingly insignificant in the animal kingdom, do not die without God knowing it. He tells us our value to Him is much greater than lilies and sparrows!

Our goal is to bring some beauty to our customers, a small reminder that you are loved and cared for by the God of the universe (isn’t that a great gift?!) while caring for those in need. God most often cares for us through someone else’s actions.

We strive to be in our community, serving our community, with hard work and passion.

While our jewelry is created for specific causes, we are open to crafting a special item for you with other colors and designs. Please keep in mind each piece is unique and handcrafted, so variations from piece to piece may occur.

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